Waremme (bowling 69)

Welke flippers staan waar?
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Waremme (bowling 69)

Bericht door RipleYYY » 05 sep 2020, 20:01

ja, Waremme...


of course you will think : but who here is going to go to play so far ?
well, Jochen & madame for example :respect:
and than, so strange to have meet you there this afternoon... ;)

there're 3 pins (2 working only due to covid) : STh, GOTG, BKSOR

and as i know we have lots of good players here, this is the situation when we leave today :




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Re: Waremme (bowling 69)

Bericht door JRA » 06 sep 2020, 08:43

Leuke plek met leuke flipperkasten (geplaatst door Seeben zelf).
Voor het overige staat er ook nog een 2-player racer en een arcadekast (3000 in 1 ofzo).

Great to meet Michel and son there. :respect:
We had a very fun afternoon. ;)
- Jochen & madame -

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